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ISO Continuous mechanical handling equipment for loose bulk materials and unit loads Belt conveyors Basic characteristics of motorized driving pulleys, ISO Destructive tests on welds in metallic materials Hot cracking tests for weldments Arc welding processes Part General (ISO), ISO Acoustics Guidelines for noise control in offices and workrooms by means of acoustical screens, ISO A Gardequipment Safety requirements for combustion engine powered lawnmowers Part Ride on lawnmowers with seated operator Amendment OPC, Parking brake, ROPS, pressurized hoses, cutting means, grass catcher and test probe (ISO Amd, Corrected version), ISO Fluid power systems and components Cylinders Basic series of piston strokes, ISO Commercial road vehicles and buses over, t Front towing attachments, ISO Documentation Transliteration of Arabic characters into Latin characters, ISO Fine ceramics (advanced ceramics, advanced technical ceramics) Test method for surface roughness of fine ceramic films by atomic force microscopy, ISO Corrosion of metals and alloys Method for metallographic examination of samples after exposure to high temperature corrosive environments, ISO Buildings and constructed assets Service life planning. Check out this ISO/IEC 20061:2001-Information technology 12,65 mm wide magnetic tape cassette for information interchange Helical scan recording DTF-2 for more info.

ISO Hardmetals Determination of insoluble (free) carbon Gravimetric method, ISO IEC TR Information technology Extensions of Office OpXML file formats, ISO IEC Information technology Data Interchange on mm Rewritable and Write Once Read Many Ultra Density Optical (UDO) Disk Cartridges Capacity Gbytes per Cartridge First Generation, ISO IEC Information technology Telecommunications and information exchange betwesystems NFC SEC Test Methods, ISO IEC Information technology OpSystems Interconnection Systems Management Command sequencer for Systems Managenment, ISO Health informatics Identification of medicinal products Data elements and structures for the unique identification and exchange of regulated information on pharmaceutical dose forms, units of presentation, routes of administration and packaging, ISO Geometrical product specifications (GPS) Filtration, ISO IEC Information security Non repudiation, ISO Information processing Data encipherment Physical layer interoperability requirements, ISO Hot finished structural hollow sections of non alloy and fine grain steels. Click this ISO 16526-1:2011-Non-destructive testing Measurement and evaluation of the X-ray tube voltage for extra details.

ISO Photography Digital cameras Shading measurements, ISO Paints and varnishes Pull off test for adhesion (ISO), ISO Plastics Methodology for assessing polymer photoageing by FTIR and UV visible spectroscopy, ISO Paints and varnishes Determination of resistance to filiform corrosion Part Aluminium substrates (ISO), ISO Road vehicles Implementation of World Wide Harmonized On Board Diagnostics (WWH OBD) communication requirements, ISO Meat and meat products Determination of moisture content (Reference method), ISO Plastics Determination of pourability, ISO Radiological protection X and gamma reference radiation for calibrating dosemeters and doserate meters and for determining their response as a function of photon energy, ISO Plastics piping systems for hot and cold water installations Chlorinated poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC C) Part Pipes (ISO), ISO Road vehicles Fuse links with axial terminals for use in V networks Types SF V, SF V and SF V. Follow this ISO 23551-9:2015-Safety and control devices for gas burners and gas-burning appliances Particular requirements for further information.

ISO Timber structures Structural insulated panel roof construction Test methods, ISO Space systems Early operations, ISO TS Tourism and related services Guidelines on developing environmental specifications for accommodation establishments, ISO Thermal insulating products for building applications Determination of freeze thaw resistance, ISO Technical product documentation General principles of representation, ISO Sustainable cities and communities Indicators for city services and quality of life, ISO Vapour vacuum pumps Measurement of performance characteristics, ISO Thermal insulating products for building applications Determination of freeze thaw resistance, ISO TR Solar energy Water heating systems Guide to material selection with regard to internal corrosion, ISO TR Automation systems and integration Industrial data Visualization elements of digital twins. Check out this ISO 27020:2019-Dentistry Brackets and tubes for use in orthodontics for good measure.

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